Welcome to an Afternoon in the Pub, a friendly & informal business social event

What we are all about

An Afternoon in the Pub was conceived as a ‘business social’ event to bring together local businesses to chat and have a drink in an informal, friendly setting with no rules.

• Are you a local business?
• Do you want to meet other local businesses?
• Are you fed up with ‘networking’ events?
• Looking for a relaxed, informal, fun atmosphere?
• Like an afternoon drink?

We’re all like you. We think like you, we run our businesses like you and we’re all from the same place. Frankly, we’re surprised no-one’s thought to do this before! So come spend ‘An Afternoon in the Pub’ with us!



Last orders at the bar pleaseā€¦
Ladies and gentlemen, after some very careful thinking (ironically in a pub), we have decided

Introducing Glen, one of the happiest people we know!
Glen ‘Super’ Cooper, owner of Avatar Engineering is a Structural Engineer. He’s

St. Albans Film Festival Special
An Afternoon in the Pub was conceived as an antidote to ‘traditional’ networking events