St Albans Business Community offered 'An afternoon in the pub' (St Alban’s People, 8th Sept 2011)

…this isn't another networking meeting, with their website going so far as to say: 'There won't be a name tag in sight and you won't ever hear the phrase 'elevator pitch.'

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Group meet for An Afternoon in the Pub (Review, 11th Jan 2012)

An Afternoon in the Pub has been set up by a group of designers and social media experts for businesses, big or small, to pick up advice and share experiences with others.

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PM in the Pub in St Albans provides chance to get together (Review, 19th Jan 2012)

"This is essentially giving businesses an informal place to meet and chat.”

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St Albans businesses invited to network in the pub (The HertsAd, 18 Dec 2011)

“The general aim is to get people together sharing information and getting advice from each other, all absolutely free, and in the process to help business in St Albans thrive, in a sort of one-for-all-and-all-for-one principle.

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